4 pristine days of riding...... Ulladulla 23-26 Sept

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4 pristine days of riding...... Ulladulla 23-26 Sept

Postby j-rad » Tue Sep 27, 2005 3:43 pm

Ulladulla 4X4 (4th trip and we ripped it for 4 days….sorta)

Plenty of dramas first thing Fri morning – some of the lads saw the size of the knobs on the TE250 and XR600 and couldn’t resist so all went down the local bike shop and got new rubber. The XRs front brake needed some work – shame we all didn’t watch Trav pull em apart cause when he forgot how to do it no one else had a clue! Got it sorted pretty quickly though - Fri saw 4 bikes tearing it up all with new tyres! The roost was monumental.

Weather was pretty well spot on. Fri the sun busted out some heavy rays and we were sweating before we’d even pulled our gear on! Sat/Sun/Mon all saw rain from about 9-11pm the night before right thru to the morning – which made conditions perfect. The sandy/loamy soil (in parts) was great – some of the black clay was slippery and was challenging.

Single Trails – What can be said about it that hasn’t already been said? Picture perfect! From the mossy river we located to the snotty hill climb that caught everyone, except for Davo, who saw the trouble everyone else had and piked without trying! Was a fair call though as we had been riding a lot, soreness was playing a big part on how everyone was feeling let alone a dirty great big hill climb!

Hitting the top track is about as much ‘simple’ fun I’ve had on a bike, coming in a close second is doing figure 8s at Gunning! Watching Lusty rail the berms and Benny A hitting it up in the canyon was a sight to see – actually kinda disapointing considering how easy he made it look!

Plenty of fun was had all round. Have yet to be shown up by our master fisherman as we all ordered the biggest hamburgers you’ve seen! If anyone ever gets the chance to do some of the single trails down there you won’t be disapointed!

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