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Postby Uncle » Tue May 15, 2007 4:13 pm

Well after long and hard thought and more than a few sleepless nights I am going to sell my other "other halve".
I was looking at selling it in maybe 4 options.
Option 1.
As it is 11.5 second little monster.
Gen3 LS1 MAFless tune with Comp 230,230@110lsa cam, C.O.M.E H/D valve springs with titainium retainers, 78mm T/B,LS6 intake manifold,25% U/D pulley,Carbon/Kevlar/fiberglass OTRCAI,1 liter catch can with K&N fillter.
Exhaust Pacemaker 1" 7/8ths short 4 into 1's duel 3" cats,duel 3" cat back 2x3"mufflers 1 rear muffler with duel 3" pipes though it this is flanged so you can take it off and run the two dump pipes after the diff.
Fuel system is brand new,Bosh 044 pump,36lb injectors,surge tank,Sard adjustable fuel reg,Dash 6 speedflow fittings,HIflow lines will suport big h.p
Auto box is a very very built brand new 4l60e billet sleaved input sharft,Extra wide Kevlar bands,billet servos,5 pinion gears billet sprag hubs ect ect what can I say its a 5 grand gearbox built by EKR.B&M tranz cooler again Dash 6 speedflow fittings and the best lines money can buy.
Stall converter is a new slingshot 4,000rpm H/D unit with lock up so it drives on the freeway with the cruise control on like a normal car.
Diff is a Diffteckniks (sp?) super tight LSD with 3'91 gears
Suspention is made up of Pedders lowered shocks,Kings superlow springs with Polybag air bags fitted to the rear springs.I can also supply the VT "race" shocks too.
Option 2.
Stock as a rock motor with HSV headers redback catback MAFless edit,OTR.
No fuel system,Stock 4l60e,3'46 diff gears all in all bar the edit a 100% stock ute.
Option 3.
Some of the go fast bits its up to you how fast you want it.
Option 4.
I have a complete every nut and bolt very Low K 6 speed convertion with Z grip textraila clutch ready to bolt in,So if you want a manual it can be that aswell.
Inside is stock SS,Black leather,cruise,C.D ect ect all neat clean and well kept as you would expect it to be.
I got it with 55k on the clock it now has 95k's full log books with oil change EVERY 5,000klms.I may not go for bling but I always look after my cars not matter what the cost.
Rego is till 26th of December.
I have booked the ute into get the lower skirts and two small dints in the tailgate along with any stone chips fixed this week so it will come with a nice clean Delft blue paint work.
In the "fast" set up it can still be driven like a normal car as my missus still now and again takes it to work/shopping ect.I drove it to and from Orange the other weekend (790k round trip 2 tanks of fuel) and it never misses a beat.
Has run 11'5@118mph with wheel spin out of the hole.
Will run a 10 with a small shot of gas no probs.I can also supply a gas kit for a extra price
Price well thats up to how you want it to come.
Now the Price..
Option 1.Offers around the 28k mark
Opton 2. Around the 23K mark.
If you want a bit of this and a bit of that well we can come to a deal.
0415 186 076
Why am I selling I hear you ask?
I dont need a ute to carry things down a drag strip.
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Re: VUII SS ute

Postby Bender » Thu May 17, 2007 1:10 pm

Anyone wondering, this is a very tidy UTE, its very farking quick too...
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Postby j-rad » Fri May 25, 2007 3:19 pm

Yes, very very schmick ute indeed.....sounds the bomb (like a bomb? LOL)

why selling it?
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