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Track Day - Eastern Creek

Postby j-rad » Thu May 22, 2008 4:19 pm

Hi Everyone!

A quick update for upcoming track days.

So far the date for August has been set for Saturday 16/8 - bookings via your usual means.

July is still open for ideas - preferably the Saturday options:
Sat 5/7
Sat 19/7 (I'd be keen on this date.....)
Sat 26/7
Sun 27/7

TIP: Join the 'RATS' rider forum to receive their member discount. Usually, Eastern Creek would charge you $199 for the day and does not include the lunch deal. If RATs get enough entries from their website then you book in on their website you will only pay $179 and the lunch is included!

RATs only have this agreement when they get at least 10+ riders going from their website so sometimes the dates we want may not be "RATs" listed days meaning we'd have to book via Eastern Creek Ride days and pay the full amount.

Also, when replying to this please list if you need a lift or if you can offer a lift so we can try and get everyone there as easily/cheaply as possible.......

I will add for info - Leathers are required for EC in ALL groups, unlike WP Open Days where the WHITE(slow) group can wear jeans etc > the leather pants and jacket must also be able to zip together........if you don't have a set you can hire them for $55/day. Lights must be removed or taped up and you will also need to remove your mirrors. I also recommend placing some tape over yuor speedo so you're not tempted to look at it.

Feel free to ask any questions/queries.

peace out
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